Marketing, branding, and management are the foundation of this dual-degree.

Students taking this dual degree develop a unique set of nonprofit management and marketing practices that emphasizes their preparation to lead the rethinking and design of how organizations communicate their mission, vision, and values in the nonprofit marketplace. The program is project-based, and through field internships and consulting projects, students establish their abilities as critical consumers and producers of data and learn how to effectively lead the communications and public relations strategy of a nonprofit.
  • degree Requirements
    • Course Requirements: 2 summers of coursework totaling 34 credits (minimum) in Jewish Studies, Jewish Communal Dynamics, and Nonprofit Management. The MCM requires an additional 32 credits of coursework.
    • Fieldwork Internship: Two years of supervised field practice and related practicum course in an experiential learning environment that is constructed to meet educational objectives by integrating leadership theory with on the job learning. Internships are 16 hours per week in the first year, 20 hours per week in the second year.
    • Capstone Project: Choose between a traditional research thesis or a nonprofit accelerator. Completed during Fall/Spring of year two.
    • Seminar in Global Nonprofit Innovation: The Windmueller Israel Seminar is a 2.5-week experience designed to introduce Jewish professional leaders to the social, political and cultural dynamics of contemporary Israel. The trip is offered every other year (even-numbered years) and begins in mid-December. The next trip is scheduled for December 2020.

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*Note: Curriculum subject to change

First Summer  
CS 427 Evolution and Structure of the Amer. J. Community 2
CS 521 History of Jewish Ideas 3
CS 540 Introduction to Jewish Communal Institutions 3
CS 544 Organizational Development 2
CS 579 Applied Jewish Wisdom 3
First Fall
CS 541A Supervised Fieldwork 3
First Spring
CS 541B Supervised Fieldwork 3
Second Summer
CS 523 Leadership in Jewish Communal Service 2
CS 525 Nonprofit Marketing and Branding 2
CS 531 Fundraising and Financial Resource Development 3
CS 590 Collaborative Communication for J. Professionals 2
CS 596 Elements of Nonprofit Management 2
Second Fall
CS 542A Supervised Fieldwork 4
CS 545A Field Practicum 1
CS 900C Capstone: Jewish Research 2
Second Spring
CS 481 Israel Seminar 2
CS 542B Supervised Fieldwork 4
CS 545B Field Practicum 1
CS 900D Capstone: Business Model Accelerator 3