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Dual Degrees with USC

The HUC-JIR Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management enjoys a unique partnership with its neighbor, the University of Southern California. ZSJNM students can simultaneously earn one of four dual degrees at USC:

The Program

Masters in Jewish Nonprofit Management

The Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management (ZSJNM) offers an array of program options, including a single masters, four dual degrees with the University of Southern California (USC), joint degrees with the Rhea Hirsch School of Education (RHSOE) and the Rabbinical School, and a graduate certificate.

The core curriculum for the Master of Arts in Jewish Nonprofit Management consists of 54 units of credit, taken over two years, including the Summer Semester each year. Each student’s individual course of study depends on the particular program in which he/she is registered, as well as his/her professional interests and career objectives.

The four core components of the curriculum include: 1. Course work in Jewish Studies, Jewish Communal Dynamics, and Nonprofit Management (35 credits); 2. Two years of supervised fieldwork internships (16 credits); 3. A capstone project (4 credits); 4. A two week Israel Seminar (2 elective credits).

The Curriculum

First Summer

CS 427 Evolution and Structure of the American Jewish Community 2
CS 521 Major Trends and Ideas in Jewish History 3
CS 540 Introduction to Jewish Communal Institutions 3
CS 544 Organizational Development 2
CS 579 Judaism: Philosophy, Rituals and Practices 3

First Fall

CS 521 Modern Jewish History 3
CS 531 Fundraising and Financial Resource Development 3
CS 541A Supervised Fieldwork 3

First Spring

CS 562 Jewish Social Research: Trends and Analysis 3
CS 541B Supervised Fieldwork 3

Second Summer

CS 484 Biblical and Rabbinic Sources 3
CS 519 Elements of Organizational Management 2
CS 523 Leadership in Jewish Communal Service 2
CS 590 Collaborative Communication for Jewish Professionals 2
1 or 2 Electives 2-4

Second Fall

CS 542A Supervised Fieldwork 4
CS 545A Field Practicum 1
CS 900A Capstone Project/Thesis 2

Second Spring

CS 542B Supervised Fieldwork 4
CS 545B Field Practicum 1
CS 900B Capstone Project/Thesis 2

Sample Electives (not all offered every year)

CS 510B Encounter Seminar 2
CS 513 American Jewish Language and Identity in Historical Context 2
CS 564 Jews and American Popular Culture 2
CS 567 Conflict, Civility and Community in the Talmud 2
CS 572 Experiential Jewish Education 2
CS 573 Strategic Planning 2
CS 592 Jewish Nonprofit Management in the Digital Age 2