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The Program

The Capstone Project is an integral component of all Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management Masters degree programs, providing students with the opportunity to undertake original social research and analysis at the Masters level.

All Capstone Projects involve original research (such as surveys, interviews, observations, or analysis of existing data) and generally have some practical application. While the traditional format for the Capstone Project is a thesis (generally an extended essay of at least 50 pages), students may opt to present their research in a non-traditional format, such as a curriculum guide, a website, a resource guide, or a program evaluation.

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Abstracts of theses and capstone projects since 2007:
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For an analysis of the SJCS/ZSJNM master’s thesis, see “Pedagogy and Impact: The SJCS Master's Thesis,” by Sarah Bunin Benor and Bruce A. Phillips.