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About Us

ZSJNM los Angeles The Jewish community… in North America, Israel, and throughout the world… is undergoing dramatic flux as a result of generational, societal, technological and structural forces. Established organizations are struggling to adapt to radical changes in communication, funding, demographics and communal priorities. Innovative enterprises are springing up fueled by a new generation of Jewish social entrepreneurs… in social justice, culture, and religious community… who are challenging traditional communal values and generating new professional expectations.

Now more than ever before, Jewish organizations, whether new or established, need and depend on professional leadership to provide the sophisticated management, ensure the financial health, foster the innovations, and implement the changes needed to address the challenges in the Jewish communal world and in the broader society.

The health and vitality of the Jewish communal enterprise depends on the recruitment, cultivation, training and empowerment of passionate and skilled professional leaders. The Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management is committed to educating a cadre of Jewish professionals who will lead, enhance and transform the Jewish community through their:

  • Deep Jewish identity, vision for the future of the Jewish people, and commitment to enhancing the quality of Jewish life,
  • Skills, training and experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, human relations, communication, networking and marketing,
  • Profound understanding of Jewish history and traditions, as well as Jewish communal structures, dynamics and politics.