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About Us

The educational philosophy of the Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management is guided by the values of:

  • Excellence in educational and professional standards.

    In order to grow and thrive in an increasingly complex social, economic, and cultural environment, the Jewish community needs outstanding, innovative and visionary professional leadership. The ZSJNM is committed to providing the finest Jewish professional education, cultivating an ethos of leadership, and inculcating a culture of excellence among its students, graduates, faculty and staff.
  • Community-building.

    The ZSJNM is a microcosm of the larger Jewish community, incorporating multiple perspectives, roles, talents and visions. Community-building is an essential component of our program, reflected in the institutional culture, the involvement of faculty, staff and lay leaders, and the empowerment of students.
  • Integrated education.

    A Jewish professional must have both a deep understanding of Jewish history, tradition, values and thought, as well as a thorough background in the skills and principles of nonprofit management. At the ZSJNM these disciplines are intertwined and reinforce each other in the classroom, in fieldwork and in research.
  • Pluralism.

    While part of a Reform institution of higher education, the ZSJNM is committed to a pluralistic community open to all denominations and modes of observance, reflective of the broader Jewish world.
  • Change and innovation.

    Both the nonprofit arena and the Jewish community are in constant flux. As a program committed to educating and training the next generation of Jewish professional leaders, the ZSJNM incorporates current trends and resources, and embraces creative initiatives to advance them.
  • Lay/professional partnership.

    While committed to the education of Jewish professionals, the ZSJNM recognizes that the strength of the Jewish community lies in the quality and exceptional commitment of its lay leadership. Only in partnership between the lay and professional leadership will the Jewish community continue to grow and thrive.
  • Klal Yisrael.

    While focused on the American Jewish community, the ZSJNM recognizes that its larger goal is to provide professional leadership for the broader Jewish community, both in Israel and throughout the world. Students are recruited from other countries, and graduates are encouraged to provide leadership to Jewish communities across the globe.
  • The vocation of Jewish professional leadership.

    The ZSJNM regards Jewish professional leadership as more than a job or even a career, but as a vocation, a “calling” to serve the Jewish people and advance the Jewish experience.