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About Us

in class at ZSJNM The HUC-JIR Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management (ZSJNM) provides an intensive, practice-oriented graduate education in Jewish professional leadership leading to a career in the Jewish community, whether in social services, Federation, Hillel, social justice, camping, culture, education, Israel, community relations… or any of the other arenas of contemporary Jewish engagement.

Founded in 1968 as the HUC-JIR School of Jewish Communal Service to address the need for more highly trained and Jewishly committed professionals in Jewish life, over the past 40 years the ZSJNM has earned a distinguished reputation as a premier center for the education of Jewish professional leaders. The ZSJNM program features:

  • A carefully designed two-year course of study integrating Jewish studies, Jewish communal dynamics, nonprofit management, and leadership training
  • A unique relationship with the University of Southern California (USC), one of the outstanding universities in the country, with four dual degree options including an MBA (with the Marshall School of Business), an MPA (with the School of Planning, Policy and Development), an MSW (from the School of Social Work), and a Masters of Communication Management (from the Annenberg School of Communication).
  • Two years of supervised fieldwork internships in a wide variety of agencies throughout the Los Angeles area, the second largest Jewish community in the United States and one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the country.
  • A Capstone Project exploring issues of contemporary Jewish communal concern through original research and policy analysis.
  • A bi-annual Israel Seminar exploring the Israeli third-sector, assessing current trends in Israel-Diaspora relations, and networking with colleagues in the Israeli political, cultural, religious, technological, environmental, and social service sectors.
  • An array of formal and informal learning opportunities with other graduate students studying at HUC-JIR Los Angeles in the Rabbinical School and the Rhea Hirsch School of Education.